Monday, 23 June 2014

Issue 2 is out now!!!

We are so excited to announce that Issue 2 of Hundreds and Thousands Mag is going on sale today! Hooray!!

Once again we have poured our hearts and souls into this little piece of handmade, creating (along with all our fantastic contributors) something rather special! With a few extra pages (thanks to our wonderful sponsors-please check them out via our side bar), Issue 2 is full of cute and simple craft ideas, nostalgic recipes, great gardening tips, a lovely Nana, our current music crushes, lots of vintage prettiness, a chat with a vibrant creative lass and more!! Here's a few pics from this issue.....

You can order from our online store today

(Melbourne readers, we will be updating a few shops with the new issue soon.)

Thanks for supporting handmade!!

Love Mezz and Taz


  1. A very brave adventure...fingers crossed for you guys xx

  2. well done ladies x 2 copies brought..Love love love ♥