Thursday, 5 December 2013


As you may know, we are hosting a competition to find a "Hundreds and Thousands" logo. We have already had some fab entries, which you can see in some of the posts below. We have heard from many of you that would you like to contribute an idea but haven't actually done so, so here is a friendly reminder that entries close December 31st. If you have been thinking about it, consider this don't forget to get on it!! 
The fabulous Big Girls Sweet has donated a gorgeous handmade party pack for the lucky winner...Check out all the bits of lovely you will receive if we choose your entry.
These are only some of the things you will get in the party pack....there is more cuteness!!

The winner will also will also receive a free mag subscription for 2014.

So please get your logo entry in ASAP! Email your Jpeg design to We can't wait to choose and announce a winner!!

Mezz and Taz xo

PS There are few more Starter Issue copies available!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Starter Issue OUT NOW!!

Well, hello there!!

Just a quick but very important post to let you know that the Starter Issue of Hundreds and Thousands is out now!! Woohoo!

Our 24 page Starter Issue is full of crafty ideas, thrifty fun, recipes, gardening tips, music crushes and more!! It has been made independently and entirely self funded. Some of our article contributors include the lovely Suki, Nic and Zara. Make sure you visit their blogs!

A copy of the magazine will cost you $7.00 (AUS)

To order our little mag online please visit our online store, and follow all the usual ordering prompts. You will notice the price is slightly cheaper, this is because it is in US dollars. We will happily ship overseas, so please order no matter where you live!

To our personal friend/fam/acquaintances, we will have limited copies available that you can purchase from us in person, but please know they are already selling like hot cakes so be in touch with us ASAP if you want one!!

As we have said many times, this venture into zine making has been a big step into the unknown. Every step we have taken in this journey has been a brand new one for the both of us, and so it is with much excitement but also a fair amount of nerves that we release this little baby out into the public. Please know that this Starter Issue is only the beginning of the journey, and we hope to build on what we have done this time for further issues.

We recommend getting your order in quickly!! Please, please, pretty please contact us at if you wish to purchase a copy but it is sold out. We will get some more whipped up.

Thanks again for the enthusiasm, support and love. You are all awesome!!

Happy reading, and feel free to share the news!!

Mezz and Taz



Tuesday, 15 October 2013

a mini preview!!

We don't want to give away too much, but here are a few little pics from our starter issue of "Hundreds and Thousands." Copies will be ready to order by the end of October. That is VERY SOON!!  yippeeeeeeee!! You can purchase copies through our "Store Envy" online shop which will be open as soon as mags are ready.

We are an independently made zine, celebrating all things handmade. Our mag is full of craft ideas, recipes, nostalgia, gardening tips, music crushes and more. We are currently completely self funded.

A copy of "Hundreds and Thousands" will cost you $7. We have tried to keep the cost as low as possible, without actually losing out in anyway. We have learnt so much getting this starter issue ready for you guys, and we know that each issue we will learn more and this little puppy will grow!

We do so hope that you will purchase a copy and help us spread the word!
Don't forget to enter our logo competition too, you have until the end of the year (Decemeber 31st) Check out blog post below.

Mezz and Taz xx


Friday, 4 October 2013

Logo comp details!

Hi everyone!!

Not long now til our starter issue of "Hundreds and Thousands" will be ready for us all to have and to hold! We hope you are excited, we certainly are!!

If you are thinking about entering a logo design for our little mag, there is still time! You have until
December 31st to send a Jpeg File of your wonderful Hundreds and Thousands mag logo. So get cracking!! Send all entries to

Have we mentioned that whoever designs the logo we choose will get a prize??! One of the prizes will be a gorgeous handmade "hundreds and thousands" brooch made my Big Girls Sweet. Aren't they amazing!!!???

Check out our latest entries!! And please click on their links!

Mezz and Taz

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Enter our Logo competition!!

Hi! How are you? We are very busy getting our first issue of "Hundreds and Thousands" ready for your hot little hands!! It's getting very exciting.

What we need though is a really great "Hundreds and Thousands" logo for our mag, and we want YOU to come up with one!! So if you're interested, get cutting, sewing, gluing, stitching, drawing, photoshopping or whatever else tickles your creative funny bone and see what you can come up with.

The logo needs to include the title Hundreds and Thousands, and capture the idea behind our mag which is "celebrating handmade."

Please email your design in Jpeg form to

We think anyone that takes the time to enter our comp is pretty awesome, so all entries will be shared with our readers on the blog, plus your website/blog/etsy shop link if you have one.

Check out our first entries. These great designs are by Sasha. Make sure you visit her website

Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support we've had so far, and we very much look forward to seeing your logo ideas!!
Mezz and Taz

Monday, 12 August 2013

Introducing the Hundreds and Thousands Magazine Blog!!

Why, hello!!

Welcome to our brand new blog for our brand new magazine, "Hundreds and Thousands."

We are currently working on our first ever issue of "Hundreds and Thousands" a little handmade magazine celebrating all things handmade!

Our independent little zine (made in Melbourne, Australia) will feature all the things we love, and we know you do too! People, places, crafting, baking, thrifting, music and more! We are so very excited about it and can't wait to hold a copy in our own hand and then send them out into the big wide world!!

A few lovely people are contributing articles to our starter issue, and we hope that many of you will join us in the issues to come! If you are keen on contributing articles, pictures, craft ideas, drawings, selling, or being involved in any other way, please contact us at .

The internet is a powerful tool these days, and we are already amazed at the enthusiastic response we are getting about the mag online! If you ever mention the mag online, feel free to hashtag us. It's #hundredsandthousandsmag (if you feel so inclined.)

Most importantly, please join us over on Facebook, and "like" the Hundreds and Thousands Mag page!!

We will be in touch again very soon with ordering and purchasing details, but just thought we'd put this post up to let the world that we are here and we are getting very excited about all things handmade!

Are you!!???

Love Mezz and Taz

Feel free to contact us with any questions