Tuesday, 15 October 2013

a mini preview!!

We don't want to give away too much, but here are a few little pics from our starter issue of "Hundreds and Thousands." Copies will be ready to order by the end of October. That is VERY SOON!!  yippeeeeeeee!! You can purchase copies through our "Store Envy" online shop which will be open as soon as mags are ready.

We are an independently made zine, celebrating all things handmade. Our mag is full of craft ideas, recipes, nostalgia, gardening tips, music crushes and more. We are currently completely self funded.

A copy of "Hundreds and Thousands" will cost you $7. We have tried to keep the cost as low as possible, without actually losing out in anyway. We have learnt so much getting this starter issue ready for you guys, and we know that each issue we will learn more and this little puppy will grow!

We do so hope that you will purchase a copy and help us spread the word!
Don't forget to enter our logo competition too, you have until the end of the year (Decemeber 31st) Check out blog post below.

Mezz and Taz xx



  1. Gosh the end of the month, wowee. I cant wait. x

  2. Look forward to the first copy guys........

    Claire :)

  3. Thanks lovely ladies! We are pretty excited and feeling quite proud! xx

  4. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy :) Previews look great :)