Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hundreds and Thousands ISSUE 6, Diary and update!!

Hey there!

It's been a long time since we have updated our blog...and a lot has happened in our little world!

Firstly, one half of the team, Taz, gave birth to a beautiful little girl in August. She is a lovely little thing and we are completely smitten!

Secondly, we have released Issue 6....another pretty zine handmade made by us! Full of recipes, craft ideas, interviews with wonderful artists and possibly our favourite "Who's your Nana?" article we have ever had!!!! Get your hands on one today by heading to our online store.
Thirdly, the other half of the team, Mezz, is making a Christmas Album! Complete with individually handmade CD covers (using the fabric tape project from Hundreds and Thousands Mag Issue 2!) These will be available to order soon!
And, lastly..... we are making a very special Hundreds and Thousands Mag 2016 Diary!!!!!! We are so excited about it. 180 pages, pretty and can pre-order your Diary over at our online store for a special price if you do it quick!!!!!
lots of love
Mezz and Taz

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