Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hundreds and Thousands Magazine First Birthday!!

We celebrated the mag's FIRST BIRTHDAY last Saturday with a Picnic Party in our hometown of Melbourne, Australia. As is to be expected in Melbourne, the weather was cold, windy, wet....and occasionally sunny, but we had a lovely gathering regardless! It was wonderful to thank our friends, family, contributors and supporters....and to meet a few for the first time!! We are already dreaming of our 2nd birthday stay tuned!!

Thankyou so much to everybody who has bought, shared, loved and contributed to this little magazine. As we have always said, we jumped in head first with not a lot of experience or even much of a clue about why we were doing this and how....but we knew we wanted to make a little handmade zine that we would love, and you have no idea how much joy it has given us this past year to see so many other people love it too! "Hundreds and Thousands" is what it is because of the wonderful community that has grown around it! So, thankyou, thankyou! To all of our interstate and overseas supporters who couldn't make it to the picnic...we missed you and we are grateful for all that you have done!

Lots of love....and stay tuned for our special Christmas issue which will be out very soon!!!!!

Mezz and Taz x

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