Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Next Issue off to the Printers!!

Hi lovelies!!

Just a quick post to let you know that the next issue of "Hundreds and Thousands" mag will be heading off to the printers next week. We are very excited to share our next installment of handmade goodness with you all.
Our next issue will be called "Issue One". That's weird, why would you call your second issue Issue One?
you ask...Well,  we always saw the Starter Issue as a bit of a stand alone experiment, but now that we know it actually works, we are happy to put a number on it! We are now confident that there will be an Issue One, an Issue Two...and more!!
Thanks to some very wonderful sponsors (who we will tell you all about very soon) we have raised enough funds to add some extra pages and articles to the next issue....

...it features our favourite recipes, thrifty makes, a very cool Nana, some sweet music, gardening tips,
some great people doing great things, a trip around a neighbourhood and more!
Magazines will still cost $7 (plus postage and handling) 

Our Starter Issue TOTALLY SOLD OUT and it's thanks to you, our readers and supporters. To those who purchased a copy, thankyou! To those who not only purchased a copy, but then shared with friends, blogged and Instagrammed about it...thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! You have spread the word and turned this into something that neither of us ever imagined.

So stay tuned, because Issue One is on its way shortly!!

Mezz and taz x

PS-the pretty pics in this post feature in the coming issue
PPS-Don't forget to mention us online with the hashtag #hundredsandthousandsmag to help spread the word!!


  1. Just looking at those beautiful photos and I cant wait to purchase a copy of your lovely magazine. x